Ebony Butler Created Therapy Cards to Help Ladies of Color Transform Their Mental Health

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Barriers such as expense, accessibility, and the lack of culturally proficient companies can avoid people from marginalized groups from getting the psychological health care they
should have.Ebony Butler, PhD, psychologist, and developer of My Therapy Cards , understands these barriers and wished to do more to help individuals get quality psychological health care. After dealing with a customer who informed her she was at the time the only Black psychologist practicing in Austin, TX, Dr. Butler understood there was a need and introduced her own personal practice. She believed she would take on a handful of customers, but after 3 months, she had a full private practice.

Knowledgeable about the fact that she could not take on every prospective customer, that there was a need, and that access and cost were a concern, she told POPSUGAR, “I began to think,’ How can I start to bridge the space with a lot of things that I’m seeing?'” According to Dr. Butler, the stigma surrounding mental health in Black and brown neighborhoods keeps those groups from looking for psychological health assistance, and then, when individuals from the communities do want to seek assistance,” that aid is not even there, “she explained. She also contemplated how she might help reduce the expense and accessibility aspect with therapy.
To deal with the barriers she was observing, Dr. Butler said,” I believed the cards might do just that.”

Dr. Butler purposefully called the deck My Treatment Cards since” I want us to start to get comfy with saying the word’ treatment, ‘” she stated. The deck is $ 57 and includes questions she typically asks her clients in sessions. These concerns allow individuals to do self-discovery work, as Dr. Butler describes it, which can help someone decide if they want to pursue treatment at some point and supplies them with a concept of what to anticipate in a session. Additionally, the cards are great for anybody awaiting a supplier to have schedule and for those who can’t pay for therapy; it’s still” quality-level work that [goes] deeper than simply self-care and the affirmation cards.”


The structure for doing the work, which she calls the process by which we tackle developing modification in our lives, focuses on 3 primary areas Dr. Butler thinks keep individuals stuck if they aren’t effectively attended to. The first is state of mind, specifically taking note of where our frame of mind is and the things that are getting in our method, such as mental blocks, she explained. The second location is routines.” What practices are we engaging in that may be rendering us ineffective? “she stated. The 3rd location is activates, to which the cards focus on how we’re managing the things that activate us, she described.

There are52 cards in the deck, which are separated into these 3 categories( mindset, practices, and sets off )with12 cards per category. There’s likewise a feeling wheel that assists individuals develop and establish language around determining their emotions. In addition to the emotion wheel, the deck includes a glossary card” so that we’re all on the exact same page about what specific words imply.” The rest of the cards supply you with an introduction and instructions on how to utilize the cards, a disclaimer card, an extra resources card, introductions prior to each category, and blank cards so you can document your own questions/thoughts that come up as you work through the classifications and deck.


How you overcome the deck depends on you– there’s no right or incorrect way to go through the deck. “Do what feels right for you,” Dr. Butler said. You can resolve the deck alone, with your partner, or with pals. Considering that therapy is normally when a week, she recommends going through a couple of cards a week” so that you can really sit with the things that are showing up for you.” No matter how you pick to resolve the deck, Dr. Butler advised” enabling yourself to actually do the work and not rush through it.”

If you’re wondering how to track your feelings and progress, Dr. Butler said,” You have to do what feels right for you. If you’re not a journal individual and you’re thinking you have to do this with a journal, you’re going to be less apt to get the cards and work through them.” If you’re somebody who likes to talk things out, she advises tape-recording your thoughts with a recorder or via a voice app or talking things out with somebody. “There’s no right or wrong way[to track your progress and thoughts] You have to go with what’s going to supply you the most amount of probability to engage with the cards,” she emphasized.

My Therapy Cards can be utilized by anybody (although she does suggest using discretion if offering them to a teenager) and are offering those who don’t have access to traditional therapy with tools to better understand themselves and their emotions and improve their psychological health and wellness.

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Ebony Butler Created Therapy Cards to Help Ladies of Color Transform Their Mental Health

Barriers such as cost, accessibility, and the lack of culturally competent providers can prevent people from marginalized groups from receiving the mental health care they deserve. Ebony Butler, PhD, psychologist, and creator of My Therapy Cards, is aware of these barriers and wanted to do more to help people receive quality mental health care. After…

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