Reports: China targets press cards for some US media

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BEIJING (AP) – China is postponing the renewal of press cards for at least five journalists working at 4 U.S. media outlets, an organization of foreign correspondents said Monday, making them vulnerable to expulsion in apparent retribution for Washington’s targeting of Chinese reporters operating in the United States.

China‘s foreign ministry responded by saying applications for renewal were being processed and those press reporters involved would not have their lives in China “impacted in any method.”

However, ministry representative Zhao Lijian likewise accused the U.S. of being “conceited and unreasonable” in speak about the matter and “not addressing China‘s normal and sensible issues and needs at all.”

” If the U.S. government genuinely appreciates American reporters, it ought to extend visas for all Chinese journalists as quickly as possible, rather of taking reporters from the 2 nations as hostages for the particular political leaders’ political interests,” Zhao informed reporters at a day-to-day briefing.

Atlanta-based CNN stated its China correspondent was amongst those offered a letter authorizing him to continue reporting for the next 2 months rather of the typical one-year press card.

He was told the move was unrelated to his reporting however was merely a reciprocal procedure in reaction to the actions of the Trump administration towards Chinese media, making it the most recent symptom of the deteriorating state of U.S.- China relations that have fallen to their most affordable level in decades.

The Foreign Reporters’ Club of China, or FCCC, said The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have likewise been targeted. It did not call the 4th outlet, however said more foreign reporters are expected to receive comparable treatment. While the targeted outlets are all American, the journalists involved are of numerous citizenships.

Zhao did not say what future actions China may take, however stated “all the choices are on the table, and the U.S. side knows that extremely well.”

” If the U.S. demands going down the incorrect course and continually making errors, China will need to make the required and genuine actions to strongly safeguard its genuine rights,” he stated.

China‘s relocation comes after the U.S. capped the variety of Chinese residents who might be employed by Chinese media outlets and positioned them on 90- day visas. China initially reacted in March by expelling press reporters from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Those impacted have actually been both U.S. and non-U.S. residents.

Official press cards are utilized to get residency licenses usually good for one year, while the letters provided by the Chinese foreign ministry “might be revoked at any time, hence putting (the journalists) at continuous hazard of expulsion,” the FCCC said in a statement.

The U.S. moves were fed by problems that Chinese journalists working for state media acted more as propagandists and representatives for the Communist Celebration than as authentic press reporters. The U.S. had currently needed those outlets to register as foreign entities with the U.S., similar to consulates and embassies.

They likewise come against the background of getting worse U.S.- China relations on a series of problems, consisting of human rights, trade, technology, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South China Sea and Chinese treatment of its Muslim minority in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Relations hit a brand-new low in July when the U.S. purchased China to close its consulate in Houston and China demanded the shuttering of the U.S. objective in the southwestern city of Chengdu.

Beijing’s newest actions have “turned certified foreign journalists in China into pawns in a larger diplomatic conflict,” the FCCC declaration said, getting in touch with Beijing to “halt this cycle of tit-for-tat reprisals in what is quickly ending up being the darkest year yet for media flexibilities.”

A record 17 foreign journalists were expelled from China in the very first half of this year alone by having their press credentials withdrawn, while others have had their residency permits shortened to just one month, the club stated.

The FCCC has likewise documented increasing harassment and security of foreign journalists in China, consisting of physical assault and cyberattacks.

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