The USPS is accused of '' confusing ' citizens by mailing 'all Americans ' postcards with false information ' about voting

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The Colorado Secretary of State on Friday stated the postal service is confusing citizens by mailing out an across the country postcard encouraging Americans to prepare ahead.

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  • The United States Postal Service was implicated Friday of misleading American voters by sending a nationwide mailer motivating them to prepare ahead prior to they vote by mail.

  • Jena Griswold, the Colorado secretary of state, leveled the allegations against USPS in a tweet late Friday, arguing the mailer is “complicated” because laws and vote-by-mail treatments vary on the state level.

  • ” This may have begun as a well-intentioned effort by @USPS, but their refusal to listen to election professionals combined with the current postal slowdown in some parts of the nation is beyond suspect,” Griswold, a Democrat, tweeted.

  • Griswold on Saturday revealed a claim versus USPS over the postcard, requiring it “to cease this mailer and aid shield Colorado citizens from this misinformation.”

  • In a declaration to Business Insider, a USPS representative said the mailer had already been provided to most American families and was implied to function as “all-purpose guidance on using the mail, and not assistance on state election guidelines.”

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The United States Postal Service was accused Friday of misleading American voters in mailing the very same postcard about absentee voting to all Americans in spite of variances amongst how states are picking to conduct their November election.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, said Friday that the USPS postcard was inaccurate and might be “confusing” to voters.

” I just learnt the @USPS is sending this postcard to every family and PO Box in the country. For states like Colorado where we send out ballots to all citizens, the information is not just complicated, it’s WRONG,” Griswold stated in a tweet late Friday.

The nationwide USPS mailer encourages citizens to plan ahead if they decide to cast their ballot by mail. While the postcard states “guidelines and dates differ by state” and motivates citizens to discover individual state policies online, it informs voters to “request their mail-in-ballot” a minimum of 15 days prior to Election Day, echoing its previous guidance from July

Griswold mentioned that citizens in a number of states, consisting of Colorado, would not require to request an absentee tally due to the fact that it would be mailed to every registered citizen. Company Expert previously reported most or all registered citizens in California, Colorado, Washington, DC, Hawaii, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, and Vermont, will immediately have a tally delivered to them through the USPS.

” Secretaries of State asked @USPS Postmaster General DeJoy to evaluate a draft before election information was sent to citizens to make sure precision. But he refused,” she stated. “Now millions of postcards with misinformation are printed & being mailed to voters.”

Griswold said the postal service outright declined Colorado’s request that it prevent sending the mailer to Colorado citizens.

” Complicated citizens about mail ballots in the middle of a pandemic is unacceptable,” she said. “It can undermine self-confidence in the election & reduce votes. I will do whatever in my power to stop @USPS from sending out misinformation to voters.”

On Saturday, Griswold announced a claim versus the USPS, calling for it “to stop this mailer and help guard Colorado voters from this misinformation.”

” As the Chief Election Authorities of the state of Colorado, it’s my task to attempt to stop misinformation and any unneeded election confusion,” she stated in a statement.

In a declaration to Business Expert, a USPS representative stated the mailer had currently been provided to most American homes and was suggested to work as “all-purpose assistance on making use of the mail, and not assistance on state election rules.”

” The main message of the mail-piece is that voters need to prepare ahead, educate themselves about voting alternatives offered in their jurisdiction, and if they choose to vote by mail, to provide themselves enough time to get, complete and return their tally,” the spokesperson said. “We specifically encourage citizens to visit their regional election board site and provide a link for this purpose.”

He continued: “The Postal Service recognizes that not every state requires a citizen to ask for a ballot in order to obtain one by mail for the November election. The Postal Service’s guidance remains that people require to understand their state’s guidelines and due dates, and to plan ahead.”

The Washington State Secretary of State likewise on Friday called attention to the USPS mailer, likewise signaling state citizens that they did not need to ask for an absentee tally in order to receive it, as the postcard suggested.

The USPS has been embroiled in months-long debate over hold-ups and cost-cutting procedures instituted by the new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Last month, DeJoy, a former Republican donor, guaranteed lawmakers he would temporarily stop more modifications to the postal service till after the November election.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and his allies have actually positioned themselves as challengers of state growths of vote-by-mail amidst the coronavirus pandemic, declaring for months without evidence that the practice will cause extensive citizen scams.

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